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a Solution for cannabis start-ups

We are the perfect launch pad for Cannabis startups.

For startup/small businesses to succeed, there is need for partners to capacitate them with the necessary tools and resources needed for them to grow and become viable. 

One Stop CBD Business is your solution.

About Us

An all-in-one solution for CBD Startup businesses.

Our mission

To help CBD Start-ups create and execute on a winning strategy to launch and grow into viable businesses.

We Build CBD Brands that Consumers can trust.

Our Mission

We help CBD Start-up founders to create and execute on a winning strategy.


Through an in-depth understanding of small businesses and our vast experience in the cannabis industry, we have modelled 1 Stop CBD Business as a perfect launch pad for start-ups and small CBD retail businesses.


We take a problem-solution approach in building CBD brands that focus to deliver on the needs of customers through offering quality products and excellent service.


We help  CBD Start-ups think of market, product and GTM is a distinct way that  enables them to grow and become profitable. 

Customer Centric

Building customer centric CBD brands that consumers trust.

Our vision

To be the preferred partner for CBD start-up businesses.

We pride ourselves as the perfect partner to help cannabis start-ups and small businesses build/create and execute a winning strategy to launch, establish and grow their CBD Start-up brands.

We believe in collaborating. We partner with you to ensure your success.


Our Value preposition to CBD Start-ups

"Strategy and execution plays an important role in the success of any business. Our frameworks allow CBD Start-ups to focus on the unique elements of their businesses to differentiate them from their competition and help them succeed."

Tamira Jubber

Chief Operations Officer

"One Stop CBD Business plays a pivotal role in the growth of the cannabis industry through its education focused offerings rendered to CBD startups as an advocate for safe and effective use of cannabinoid wellness products."

Katherine Golden

Chief Executive Officer

"Our goal is to provide the Hemp and Cannabinoid business community with integrated merchant account and payment gateway solutions. We see the value in One Stop CBD Business offerings to Hemp & CBD start-ups and our collaboration with them unlocks greater value for CBD Start-up businesses."

Mandy Winegarner

Payment Solutions Consultant


This is for you if you would like to build a successful CBD Startup business. Contact Us...