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Leveraging strategic partnerships.

With our in-depth understanding of the complexities of the CBD industry, we have developed strategic partnerships with well-established players in the Hemp & CBD market and structured our offering to address the pain points related to establishing a CBD Startup Business.

Working with us will:

Shorten time to develop and launch your brand.

We have developed and deployed the necessary infrastructure to shorten your period to launch.

Reduce your Initial start up Costs.

Through our model, we significantly reduce your start-up capital and lower your ongoing operational expenses.

Strategy without execution is useless. Execution without strategy is aimless. We help you build and execute on a winning strategy...

One STOP CBD Business Add-on services

through our partner network we offer:

Compliance Audits

We ensure the content on your website and your product labeling is compliant with state and federal laws. Compliance is also a requirement for bank account opening and merchant payment processing applications.

Checking Bank account opening

We facilitate for a hassle free CBD business (checking) account opening with a Hemp & CBD friendly bank that we have collaborated with specifically to service CBD start-ups. Not all banks service CBD or cannabis businesses.

CBD Merchant Payment processing

Through our partnership with merchant processors who specifically service Hemp & CBD businesses, we ensure that your start-up has the necessary payment processing services at affordable costs from established Hemp and CBD friendly payment service providers.

Start-up CBD Business Financing

Small business loans are extremely difficult to find for most Hemp/CBD business owners. However, our strategic collaboration with lenders who understand start-ups and the cannabis industry enables you to access finance for your CBD start-up business from well-established financers at favourable terms.

Cannabis Education for Start-ups

Recent surveys have shown that education remains the biggest obstacle in the CBD market. Most CBD consumers are looking for quality information from reliable sources & this creates an opportunity for CBD brands to build personalised relationships and establish trust with consumers. Partnering with us ensures your brand is built to inspire a much stronger consumer relationship through education which is very essential in influencing purchases among both current and prospective CBD consumers.

services for a global network of creators

We gives you unmatched agility without compromising on experience


Branding & identity

It has survived not only five centu ipsum duos.

Data engineering

It has survived not only five centu ipsum duos.


Project planning

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HR support

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We execute your ideas from start to finish...

Our model has been designed to capacitate CBD start-ups to have the necessary expertise and resources to enter the market.

So if you’re serious about wanting to drive growth in your CBD Start-up business without having to outspend the competition, schedule a free consultation call with us to see how One Stop CBD Business can help you build and execute on a winning strategy for your Start-up business.

Make better decisions with us

The best choice for your CBD Start-up business!

Launching a CBD start-up business is a journey that requires expert knowledge and guidance. When starting a business venture in the CBD space, it is important to have a partner you can trust on your side. Reach out to us now…