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Our main Process

Offering a turnkey solution to support your efforts in establishing your start-up CBD brand.

We have the competitive advantage of housing everything you need to launch, establish and grow your CBD start-up  under one roof.

Launch your CBD Start-up

We give you the necessary expertise to enter the market without the risky trial and error which proves to be costly in the long run.

Establish your Brand

We take a problem solution approach to developing your CBD brand. We give CBD start-up owners a complete solution with expert guidance every step of the way.

Grow your business

Consumer market intelligence help you understand who your customers are and how to target them. We offer on-going support to your CBD start-up business to remain relevant and viable.

why choose us

We are an unprecedented launch platform for CBD Start-ups

We develop brands that are unique and trust worthy.

We build consumer focused brands.

Our goal is to build brands that promote & advocate for the use of cannabinoid wellness products to enhance quality of life.

A partner you can trust.

We help and guide you through the ever evolving CBD terrain to avoid common pitfalls many start-ups may face.

A turnkey solution...

As a full-stack Start-up CBD Business service provider, we provide everything you need to launch and grow your CBD business.

CBD Startup Business model

We develop and simplify your business plan through our CBD Startup Business model, transforming your vision into an actionable and measurable plan. A Startup CBD business model is a plan for the successful operation of a CBD Startup, identifying sources of revenue, the target customer base, products and details of costs. It serves as a strategic document for your CBD startup to launch and grow into a viable business.

Market Strategy

We help you look at market in a distinct way in-order to understand who your target market is and the reasons why customers buy your product.  Your market thesis is one of the core pillars of a successful CBD startup business. Your Market thesis helps you horn into the market to understand your ICP (ideal customer profile).

Go To Market (GTM) Strategy

Your Go To Market (GTM) strategy is the heartbeat of your CBD Startup business. It focuses on building a winning sales machine through a balance between strategy and execution. Strategy without execution is dead and execution without strategy is meaningless. Through the GTM, we test  your startup business hypothesis to validate or invalidate your assumptions and to collect insights to iterate your startup business plan.

CBD Website/Online Store Development

We build you an online stores that is not only attractive to people, but also for web algorithms.  We develop your website as a high converting funnel designed to engage and give an incredible customer experience.

Product Strategy

Product strategy is a critical element of your CBD startup and requires frameworks to validate product market/fit as well as loops for market feedback for product development. Our framework zooms in on market understanding to influence your product strategy (which product & why? The science of cannabis & how it interacts with the human physiology) and cover fundamentals such as product matrix, and product pricing,

Order Fulfilment, Backend service Infrastructure & quality inventory

From warehousing of your inventory, to order fulfillment, shipping, handling returns, and much more, 1 Stop CBD Business has done all the heavy lifting to setup the  support infrastructure  for your start-up business to launch and grow without having to go through the complexities that come with setting up your own infrastructure.